Andreas Stone Johansson (born 22 April 1981) was born in Arlöv, a small suburb to Malmö, Sweden. As a young child Andreas was determined to make music his life’s passion! He started playing the piano at the age of 7, being inspired by his older brother.But it wasn’t until 1991, when he bought his first album ”Michael Jackson - Dangerous” that he knew in his heart and soul what he wanted to accomplish in the future.Setting up a small studio in his bedroom, and working on an Amiga 500 widened his horizon and made him realize that there were no boundaries if he used his imagination. This, together with an endless support from his family, kept him living by the motto, ”You are what you love, not what loves you” and dreaming big, no matter the obstacles.

He studied music in upper secondary school. Next, he attended a gospel folk high school as a pianist, which ended with a three week long field study, playing throughout the afro american churches in Chicago, USA. Upon graduation, he attended the Malmoe Musical University, with Pop/Rock as course focus. For the next few years Andreas worked as a music/vocal/piano teacher as well as an English and Art teacher at different high schools in Sweden, until he finally decided to make songwriting and music production his main occupation.

By 2009, he had worked with different labels and released songs with Danish Grand Prix winner Jakob Sveistrup, Andrés Esteche and Arash to name a few. He also participated in the Swedish television show Fame Factory as an artist.Later that year he signed a publishing deal with RoastingHouse Music Malmö, and success was just around the corner. Andreas began his international career with several songs released in Scandinavia, UK and all over Europe.

Andreas also established his name in Japan and South Korea by writing for the biggest J and K-pop stars, generating huge record sales and earning him numerous gold, platinum and multiplatinum awards such as:The A-side single ”Calling” for Arashi (Selling an astonishing 900.000 units)A-Side single ”Miracles In December” for EXO (Selling more than 750.000 units)3 A-Side singles for Kat-Tun and A-Side singles for Domoto Koichi, Super Junior KRY, Hey Say Jump, A.B.C.Z, V6, to name a few…To this day, Andreas has had the privilege of having around 35 asian number ones and countless songs on ranking on the Global album charts, Billboard world album charts & itunes charts in numerous countries. He’s also been honored with Japan Gold Disc Awards in different categories. In 2007 Andreas, together with current business partner ”Ali Af Atie” founded, held management and booking for uprising scandinavian superstars ”Kobojsarna” under their former company ”Jacaranda Studios”.The group rose to success from 2007-2010, signed under Warner Music Sweden, and is today the only group to ever win ”song of the year” two years in a row in Norway. In 2010 Andreas Stone released his debut album as an artist, entitled ”Inside Out”.In addition to singing every song, Andreas wrote (or co-wrote with international songwriters), produced, engineered and arranged the album. He also played all the keyboards and most of the acoustic guitars. In addition, the album features many well known writers & musicians from Nashville. The main two singles from the album, were on high rotation on Malmö radio.An american music-journalist wrote: ”Typified by his soulful tenor vocals, organic instrumentation and sweeping emotional melodies, “Inside Out” is a musical revelation that takes listeners back to a bygone era of pure musical craftsmanship, and timeless beauty.”