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To date, Andreas’s music has sold more than 27 million physical copies and streamed over 700 million times, worldwide. He’s had more than 45 official Japanese (Oricon) or Korean (Gaon) number 1’s and numerous number 2’s to his name. In 2019, he co-wrote the winning song ”Too Late For Love” by John Lundvik in Swedish Melodifestivalen which ended up on #5th place in Eurovision in Tel Aviv and also became the 3rd most played song in Sweden 2019. And in 2018, He co-wrote & co-produced ”Shuffla” by Samir & Viktor which came on 4th place in the finals, and was the 6th most played/sold song in Sweden that year. He has so far landed 7 songs in Melodifestivalen and 3 in MGP (of which two ended up in the top 5). He’s been awarded with several Japanese Grammy’s, been honored with numerous Gold Disc Awards in different categories. In 2021 his song ”Thank You Very Much” came on 4th place in the Lithuanian ESC selection. And most recently "Habit" by artist Laurell has peaked at #34 on German Spotify top 50 as well as been the #9th most air-played song in Germany that month. Furthermore, Andreas has also had number 1’s in Sweden / Spain / Polen / Norway / Czech / Denmark, to name a few.

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Andreas is based at HYDRA Studios, Malmö, Sweden. HYDRA is a state of the art studio complex consisting of 7 studios and 2 offices. Please visit full gallery for more photos of Andreas and Hydra.

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